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Kamado Joe Big Block Gift Set

Key Features

  • Gift Set Includes: 20 Lbs of Kamado Joe Big Block XL Natural Lump Charcoal, 24-Piece Box of Kamado Joe Fire Starters, Rib Rack, and Chicken Stand
  • Rib rack design fits more ribs by cooking them vertically
  • Chicken stand can be filled with any liquid to baste from the inside, adding moisture and flavor
  • Fire starters are an ideal, safe replacement for lighter fluid
  • 20 pounds of 100 percent natural lump charcoal

We’ve curated this bundle that is sure to help any Kamado Joe owner make the most out of their grill. The Big Block charcoal is made from heavy, large pieces of hardwood that burn hotter and more efficiently, making it ideal for steakhouse-style searing. Lighting it is easy with the Kamado Joe fire starting cubes that contain no oils. Unlike traditional lighter fluid, which can damage the porous ceramic of the kamado, these are environmentally safe and non-toxic. The rib rack and chicken stand allow you to do even more with an already versatile kamado.

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