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Is A Swim Spa Better Than A Pool?


swim spas Dallas is a machine that makes currents so that you have an infinite loop to swim, it never lets you touch the end. So it’s like swimming laps and keeps you fit and healthy. Swim Spas also act as smaller swimming pools in the sense that you can play around in them, or with some of the split-models, you actually have a hot tub spa at one end of it and a swimming area in the other end.

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Reasons why a swim spa is better than a pool

Swim Spa and a swimming pool are a lot different from each other, and Southern Leisure Spas & Patio will tell you reasons why a swim spas Dallas is a better option:

Installation of the pool

If you look at the cost aspect of a pool and swim spa then a swim spa Dallas will cost almost half of what an actual swimming pool will cost you. Plus the other cost of maintaining the pool don’t forget that as you may have to spend a lot weekly in order to maintain a swimming pool in your house.

You can install a swim spa inside or outside, above ground or in-ground, or even on a reinforced deck.

Swim Current

One of the advantages of a swim spa is adjustable swim current, thus anyone who wants to start practicing for professional swimming they can just start with a Dallas swim spa in their backyard. With the feature of adjustable current, they can increase the level of any time for them, even Olympic swimmers  may use it. Also, a swim spa lets you remain healthy and act as a therapy for your body. A swim spa will surely keep your body more active and help you have a healthy life.

Can also act as a hot tub

After a therapy session in a swim spas Dallas then if you are tired you can just relax in the swim spa which will act as a hot tub. A DFW swim spa is equipped with seats and jets which are there to massage your body and give you the relaxation you need. With a swim spa, you get the benefit of a pool and hot tub both.

Place it indoor

A swim spa can be placed indoor in your house backyard or even in your garage with ease, these things don’t take much of space and are easy to install. Get you an endless pool Dallas and start taking therapy inside your house; also these are great for exercise too.


Can swim spas be used in winter?

The advantage of owning a swim spa is that it can be used all year round, even in winters. With better technology, innovation, and advanced design it traps the heat and provides energy-efficient solutions to tackle winter. If you are thinking of using or purchasing a Dallas swim spa this winter then it’s better to read the following points before getting one for you:

Keep the Heat On

Your swim spa can get serious damage if it gets freeze in winters. Thus always keep the water and the heat on in the Dallas swim spa so it does not get damaged in any way, a swim spa is the best option for you to handle winters just take care of it properly.

Change Water Early

As told early that there is a risk of freezing for your swim spa which you should not ignore, thus be ahead of time for whatever you need to do. If you feel like water needs to be changed then do it then when there is time as you do it later and if it’s cold then there is a threat of possible damage to your swim spa. You can use a bullfrog spa filter for better hygiene standards too. You can also get a bullfrog hot tub filter or hot tub filter 10-00282 today with us.

Enjoy your winters

For some people, winter is their favorite swim spa season. There are a number of simple accessories that you can add to your outdoor swim spa area that will boost the comfort of your experience. Consider a plush, weatherproof rug that will protect feet from the cold ground, a towel warmer, and outdoor heating lamps.

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