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Southern Leisure Spas & Patio is the exclusive dealer for renowned infrared saunas from Healthmate Saunas for the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin metropolitan areas. Infrared saunas offer a variety of physical and psychological health benefits when used regularly. Our team of infrared sauna experts in Dallas, TX and Austin, TX can help you find the perfect infrared sauna to fit your needs. Healthmate Saunas has over a dozen different infrared sauna models with multiple finishes and features to pick from. As a leader in the infrared sauna industry, Healthmate continues to develop and patent sauna technology superior to the competition.

Health Mate Saunas

We Introduced the First Infrared Sauna 44 Years Ago

Health Mate produced the first infrared home sauna sold in the U.S in 1979. Our history is rich with achievements, and since our company was established, we’ve made advancements in heating, construction, and technology. We’ve expanded our facilities, covering the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia in order to bring you the most innovative and highest quality components and materials. With that expansion came added growth, and we now employ more than 500 dedicated people worldwide.

Our Continuing Commitment

Health Mate ensures its saunas incorporate the wealth of more than 40 years of experience, from how we source sustainable wood to our 5-step quality control manufacturing process and ensuring lasting sauna products delivered directly from our factory that feature full spectrum heat and low EMF.

Our mission is 100% customer satisfaction through superior craftsmanship, service, and innovation. As technology has changed, so have our saunas. We encourage you to read what our customers have shared about why Health Mate should be your top choice when shopping online for an infrared sauna for your home or business. Our history sets us apart and helps make our saunas a smart investment.

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