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How To Move a Hot Tub Correctly


When it comes to moving or delivering a hot tub, there are a few different techniques that are proven to be effective. It is very important that you have the correct tools and equipment when moving a hot tub to ensure a safe and efficient process. One of our most commonly used methods for moving a hot tub is upright using a spa dolly cart. When done properly, a standard size hot tub can be moved with just a few people using the tools and techniques outlined in this short article.

The Spa Dolly cart method is our most popular technique used to move hot tubs into our customer’s backyards. With this method, we use the spa cart found here, to move the hot tub from point A to point B. Since we deliver multiple hot tubs daily, our dallas hot tub moving team uses a long deckover trailer as shown in the image below. If you are just planning to move one or two spas per day, the spa dolly trailer is a great tool to allow a 2 person crew to safely deliver hot tubs up to 1,000 lbs.

When using the spa dolly cart method, our delivery team slides the hot tub off of the flatbed trailer onto the cart and stands the spa up on the cart in a vertical position. Through our experience, we have found it beneficial to use a plywood board with attached padding or carpet on top of the cart to ensure that the synthetic wood cabinet or the acrylic lip of the hot tub is not damaged during the move. It is also crucial to strap the hot tub to the cart using a ratchet strap (these are my favorite straps). Be sure to tighten the strap to fit snuggly, but be careful not to overtighten and crack any of the cabinet panels.

Once you have the hot tub strapped on the cart you can begin the process of moving the hot tub into the backyard! This can be achieved by positioning one person at the front of the cart and one person at the rear of the cart and steering using the provided handles. We have found that grabbing the strap can provide additional leverage when maneuvering the cart in areas with challenging terrain. In some instances, a third person is necessary to help stabilize the hot tub with terrain containing a slope or variance in grade. We find this especially important when moving and delivering hot tubs in the Austin, TX area. Make sure that the tires are fully inflated on the cart to increase stability and decrease friction when moving across soft ground!

Once you have the hot tub near its final destination in the backyard, it is time to lower the hot tub off of the cart and set it down on the ground. First, you will want to chalk the wheels on the cart so that the cart does not roll. Next, one crew member will need to stabilize the spa while the other crew member slides the spa on the cart so that the bottom side of the spa hangs off the edge of the cart. Next, both crew members can tip the spa by pulling from the top of the spa to start the transition from vertical to horizontal. It is important to move slowly during this step so that the both team members are properly supporting the hot tub keeping everyone safe and the hot tub from being damaged. As you lower the spa, it is important to communicate with the other person supporting the weight to ensure both crew members are in agreement on the speed and strategy bringing the spa to the ground. At Southern Leisure, we like to use a block of wood to set the spa on to keep fingers from getting smashed. We use the spa jack found here, to lift the hot tub and pull the block out before slowly lowering the spa onto the foundation.

That’s it! We have successfully moved a hot tub from the trailer to the backyard with just a few tools and 2 people. We hope this article is useful to you in your quest to move your hot tub safely and efficiently!