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How Can You Clean Your Spa Filter?


Spa filter makes the hot tub more hygienic and safe to use. Safe for the health of you and your family who uses it. Thus installing a spa filter and taking care of it is necessary.

If you don’t know how can you clean your spa filter then read this article to know that.

How does a Hot tub Filter work?

Each hot tubs Austin has some kind of bullfrog spa filters because even if it looks clear it is not really, containments such as oil, dirt harmful debris arrives in the swim spa from somewhere. The way filters work is fairly simple. Water passes through them, trapping unwanted particles in their folds.

The particles trapped by the bullfrog filter 10-00282 remain until they’re cleaned out, so your role in maintaining the filter contributes greatly to its effectiveness. Neglecting regular filter maintenance and replacement could strain your hot tub pumps and heating system and cause dirt and grime to build up. Thus clean the filter regularly.

Why a hot tub filter is important?

With superior spa filter 10-00282, your entire hot tub system will run more efficiently. You’ll enjoy:

  • Clearer water
  • Increased jet output and power
  • Less electricity usage
  • More reliable circulation and heating
  • Even easier cleaning and maintenance

Thus always install a spa filter for your hot tub. Just visit Southern Leisure Spas & Patio for our products.

What are some filter care methods?

Some bullfrog spa filters care methods are as follows:

Rinse your filter with clean water

If you clean your hot tub filter every week then the debris from building and harmful chemical for your filter will be washed away By doing this yours hot tub filter will work more efficiently and longer.

Chemically rinse your filter every month

Purchase a bottle of hot tub filter cleaner. If you already have filter cleaner, and it doesn’t come in a spray bottle, use the recommended dilution method for the cleaner and put it in a clean spray bottle.

Spray down your hot tub filters and let them sit for about 15 minutes. Then, rinse them down with clean water.

Chemical Soak your spa filters overnight every 3-4 months

You should change the water in your hot tub each three to four months. Now you ought to likewise set aside the effort to do an intensive cleaning of your channel.

Utilizing a hot tub channel cleaning compound, don’t utilize family unit items; weaken the concoction with water as indicated by the bearings on the container. Ensure you utilize enough water to totally submerge one channel. In the event that you have room, you can add more channels to the arrangement.

Let the channel rest in the arrangement short-term or 24 hours.

The following day, make certain to flush the hell of the channels with clean water.

Don’t Use a Dishwasher

While that filter may seem perfect for the dishwasher, do not use it. Yes, it will come out looking very clean; the powerful wash will degrade the fibers reducing the effectiveness of the filter.

How can you clean your spa filter?

Wash the filter with a pipe from top to down. Use a filter wand for less time, do a better job and the chance of damaging the filters is reduced. Use a high-pressure hose for proper deep cleaning. Soak the cartridge for at least an hour in a filter cleaner solution.

Always rotate 2 bullfrog spa filters which will increase the life of other filters. One you can use while the other one can be cleaned.

You can always hire a professional for doing this just visit Southern Leisure Spas & Patio and get a new hot tub filter 10-00282 for yourself. Also, visit us if you are interested to buy a new Hot tub or Swim Spa for yourself.