Exterior Dimensions: 84″ x 66″ x 35″
Jet Count: 32
Capacity/Seating: 3/4
Pumps: 1 HP120 or 1 MP160
Electrical: 240V/50 amp or 120v/15 amp
Filtration: 1 filter
Water Capacity: 200 gallons
Weight Dry/Full: 460/2128 lbs

The Spirit™ relaxes your mind and rejuvenates your body. It accommodates three people in comfort. The full body lounge pays extra attention to your shoulders, back, thighs and feet. The deep therapy seat works on all the back muscles. Plus, there’s a cool-down seat to get you out of hot water. But the highlight is the H.O.T. Zone Therapy Pillars of whirlpool jets that really bring you to life! The super convenient 120V plug-and-play system helps to enhance your carefree experience. Renew your Spirit™ every day.