Hot Tub Serum is a laboratory-formulated blend of water cleaning agents and salts that helps maintain and balance hot tub and spa water. This minimizes the need to test and adjust individual water characteristics and chemicals in the spa. Hot Tub Serum utilizes a specific combination of natural ingredients, which act to treat the spa and the plumbing, protecting the hot tub and extending life to hot tub components like heaters, jets and pumps. Hot Tub Serum works by reducing the surface tension of the water, making it very difficult for bacteria to attach to a substrate and form the protective slime around themselves called Biofilm. The result when you use Hot Tub Serum in your spa or hot tub is clear, fresh smelling water with a soft, silky, non-irritating feel and little or no bacterial content in the water.

  • Keeps skin feeling soft and hydrated
  • Does not target the natural oils in your skin
  • Removes unwanted bacterial sludge using a natural process
  • Maintains the water in a clean, fresh state without excessive chemicals
  • Maintains balance and water quality in spa water
  • Leaves water with a fresh scent
  • Protects your spa—controls excess calcium and minerals
  • Minimal testing needed

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