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Hot Tub Cleaning

Southern Leisure offers a variety of hot tub cleaning services to serve our customers in the Dallas – Fort Worth – Austin metroplex areas. From basic hot tub cleaning to premium deep cleaning services, we have the perfect package and product to fit your needs. Our exclusive relationship with various hot tub chemical manufacturers gives us the advantage of using hot tub cleaning products that cannot be purchased at any big box retail store. Take a look below at our available hot tub cleaning service options.

*Additional mileage fees may apply outside of a 30 mile radius of Arlington, TX*

 PREMIUM DRAIN & CLEAN - Starting at $400

Our premium hot tub cleaning service, the deep clean hot tub purge. This process scrubs all the bacteria from the internal plumbing of the hot tub giving you a spa more sanitary than the day it arrived from the factory. Bacteria and scum that accumulate in your spa make it difficult to maintain clean and sanitary hot tub water. You don’t have to settle for sub-par water quality. Call (972) 737-5777 and schedule your deep clean hot tub purge today!

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BASIC DRAIN & CLEAN - Starting at $250

The basic clean is a toned-down version of our premium drain and clean deep clean purge. With the basic hot tub drain and clean, our technician will purge your hot tub to kill off any surface bacteria before draining the spa. He will then use a high-powered pump to drain the spa. Once the spa is empty, the technician will wipe down the interior of the spa shell, jets, and pillows. He will remove the spa filters, de-grease them and rinse them out. Last of all the technician will clean and condition the vinyl cover. This service does not include refilling and balancing the spa water.


The rinse and balance is our entry level service for hot tub cleaning. With this service our technician will come to your place of residence, test the hot tub water, and balance with the appropriate chemicals. Once he has balanced the spa chemistry, he will remove the filters, soak them in degreaser and then rinse them before putting them back in the spa. He will test the basic functions of the hot tub to make sure pumps are turning on and operating properly. If additional diagnosis is needed to figure out mechanical issues, the technician will notify hot tub owner.

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