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Are Salt Systems on Hot Tubs a Good Idea?

This is a very common question asked by consumers on the hunt for a hot tub. There is an abundance of opinions concerning hot tub salt systems circulating the internet. Some industry experts consider salt systems to be an excellent sanitization method, while others claim they require too much maintenance and adjustment. Salt systems have become a widely accepted water care method for in-ground swimming pools, especially in the state of Texas. About 80% of the new pools being built in Texas have salt chlorine generators installed by the builder.

There is a big difference between a salt water generator on a pool and one on a hot tub. Salt generators on pools (and some hot tubs) use the salt in the water to produce sodium chloride, or chlorine, to sanitize the water. Our salt generator uses sodium bromide, also known as “Dead Sea Salt”, to create bromine as the water sanitizer. The use of sodium bromide is important for 2 reasons:

  • Bromine does a much better job of sanitizing hot tub water than chlorine.
  • Chlorine actually converts to gas form above 97 degrees fahrenheit, making it much less effective in a hot tub that typically stays around 100 degrees.

Pure Bromine = No Chemicals

Our generator produces a Pure Bromine from the sodium bromide salt, which is virtually odorless and free of chlorine, binders, and compounding agents found in brominating tablets, powders, and liquids. This Pure Bromine destroys water-borne bacteria and algae in your spa’s water. Additionally, Pure Bromine swiftly eliminates the presence of organic materials left behind by spa bather’s such as oils, sweat, and skin cells.

Less Maintenance = Better User Experience

A general rule of thumb is that hot tub water needs to be drained and replaced every 3-4 months with regular use. With our salt bromine generator, spa water only needs to be drained once a year! The sodium bromide salt in your spa only needs to be added during the filling process (once a year), and there is no needs for regular shocking. An added benefit of the pure bromine is reduced hard water lines and foam on the surface of the water!

Softer Water = Softer Skin

Adding Sodium Bromide Salt to your hot tub will give the water a softer feel while eliminating dry and itchy skin that often occurs with chlorine or bromine based systems. The Pure Bromine allows you maintain sanitary spa water at a much lower bromine concentration than traditional tablet or granular methods. This is ideal for bathers with sensitive skin or chlorine/bromine allergies.